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Alexandra Monge
OMG! This place is a hidden gem! Ladies, if you're in the area, dont sleep on it. I highly recommend you all checking this place out. The ladies here are super sweet, very attentive, and offer some sweet deals! This is now my new go-to-salon!
Bridget Kelly Ventrelli.
Tina is the best !!! Not my local salon , but worth the drive �
Kieu Nga Ntkn.
Would highly recommend great service and great price.
K A.
Ashburn, VA
Great service. She took her time with my gel manicure n I love it. Mood changing nail polish
Danielle S.
Vienna, VA
I love this place and I'll go out of my way to go here. They are the cleanest salon around, with nice decor, new massage chairs, free n/a beverages, wifi, TVs set to stuff ppl actually like (cooking channel often times) and best part.... They're prices are fantastic! ($25 pedi, anyone?) I've never waited more than a few minutes and even that's rare. I seriously will not go anywhere else now. It's tucked away on an off road in Sterling, but it's a hidden gem!
Allie G.
Herndon, VA
I went to Grace Nails after a more "upscale" salon canceled my appointment at the last minute. I got there about 20 minutes after they opened on Sunday morning and was helped right away, although they were pretty busy by the time I left so an appointment is definitely recommended for later in the day. They offered me a refreshment while my toes were being painted and were very courteous and professional the whole time. I think the technician was Micky, she did a great job and made sure everything was perfect. My only complaint is when I was sitting at the table to dry my nails, nobody told me how long I should wait, so I ended up leaving too early and messing up the polish on a nail on the way home.
Yani M.
Herndon, VA
I got a groupon for a spa pedicure and a classic manicure. I waited for about an hour but only because I didn't make an appointment ahead of time. However, The new manager did advise me I would have to wait a little and then took care of me herself.

The spa pedicure was great!
My cuticles were trimmed nicely, they used sea salt followed by warm towels (that were warm enough not to burn your legs like at other spas!) The massage on my feet and lower legs was also good and long enough.

I brought in my own OPI but they have a nice variety of colors.
Vivian L.
Reston, VA
I found this place through a friend as we sometimes go together for bi monthly meet ups to get our nails done.
I really LOVE this place. The people are friendly, it's clean,and I never feel rushed. Their prices are lower than some other places in the area too!
I've been to Tina and Micky and they are both GREAT! They are also patient helping me pick out colors as I am a bit color blind.
The strip mall location is not super fancy, but it's very nice inside and that's all that matters.
Also, every time I'm there I'm offered candy and something to drink which is a nice addition to the service.

Bring cash for tips.
They have a special price on Mondays for a gel mani and regular pedicure.
Sarah N.
Washington, DC
I saw this place while getting my morning Dunkin on my way to my job. Always love a good nail place close to my work. I couldn't remember the name of it so I was not able to research! Boy I am glad I couldn't' remember! I got the $45 pedicure it was amazing! Cam did my pedicure now I am in the process of fixing some toe fungus and I have nasty callus on my heels! she did some gel thing to my heels this is the first time in years that I have not had any callus on my heels!! She had great pressure on the massage and wasn't' very talkative which(sounds kina snobbie) but it was great- Long week and really enjoyed myself!
Amanda W.
Woodbridge, VA
This salon is a surprise, given the location. It is clean, well decorated and comfortable. They have the feel of a more expensive location, even offering you drinks and snacks, while their prices are more than reasonable. They do good work and listen to my requests. I actually feel like this is a treat rather than just required grooming.
Ivan Q.
Falls Church, VA
Great nail salon. 8 pedicure stations and 10 nail stations. Everyone is friendly and they do a good job. Most of the time an appointment is not necessary but, to be safe, I make one. Saturday is their really busy day so make certain to make an appointment if you plan on stopping by on Saturday. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was because parking can be a problem in this shopping center.
Suzanne F.
Leesburg, VA
This is a well managed local salon very close to my home. The people are very friendly and efficient. I also believe they are reasonably priced for their services. Tracy did my pedicure and I'm quite pleased.
Lisa V.
Washington, DC
I desperately needed to get my nails done before heading on vacation. Of course I wait last minute. I got to Grace's Nails (which is right next to my house) at 7:40PM. Knowing they close at 8 I took a chance. They were SO nice and didn't fuss at all about me walking in last minute on a Friday night. They greeted me really nicely, helped me pick a color and got going. The lady was very friendly. She asked if I wanted something to drink as she got started. She did my nails super fast, but did such a great job! She asked again if I wanted a beverage half way through. Super sweet. Then she helped me with my things and situated me at the dryers. This might be the cleanest nail salon I've been to in a while. They recently changed management and I think it really helped! She even gave me a calendar as a parting gift. I'll definitely go back! :)
Go check them out!!
Sally W.
Blue Bell, PA
I am perplexed by the strong negative feedback, particularly with respect to customer service at Grace Nails. I have been a regular customer for five years. They are never anything but friendly and courteous. I suspect in an effort to build up the business they embarked on a Groupon offering that precipitated a response they could neither afford or handle. Who gets a mani/pedi for prices like that? Nobody. What business can afford to book 400 appointments, thus bumping regular full pay customers in the process? None. Groupon would do businesses a service helping them understand such challenges. Perhaps limiting the numbers of coupons sold so they can be actually used. As for watered down polish? Have not had that experience. Once in a while a new technician arrives who is less experienced. That can be disappointing but any issue I have ever mentioned has been addressed. Pay peanuts, get monkeys is the expression often applied when people want to get a lot for too little. That's what most of these comments sound like to me.
Peggy R.
Sioux Falls, SD
The hair salon next door to this salon was recommended to me (don't go!) and didn't open on time so I decided a pedicure would use up some time and maybe they would be open when I got done. I walked in and was taken care of immediately by a very nice woman who spoke excellent English and gave a great pedicure. I would absolutely go back if I was in the area (we live out of state). Also, the price was right, $28.

Lyly was the one who did my pedicure.

The salon was very clean and prepackaged instruments were used.
Jessica W.
Leesburg, VA
My sister and I recently went to get our nails done at Grace Nails. It was my sister's prom the following day and we had a Groupon so she got a mani/pedi but I just got a pedicure. I had the male nail tech (I don't remember his name) and he was HILARIOUS. He absolutely knew what he was doing as well because he took his time massaging my feet and legs and my nails still look fabulous.

Two people offered us a drink when we first sat down which was nice because several salons I've been to, I haven't been offered a beverage at all so it was nice to have people so attentive. The prices were great, I will absolutely go back and get my nails done again.

My only complaint was they don't take cash for tips so I had to write 2 seperate checks for tips for my nail tech and my sister's nail tech because I NEVER carry cash. That was a bit of an inconvience but overall, it was a wonderfule experience and since it was my first time going there, I was very happy.

My sisters nails, by the way, looked fabulous for prom and still look great which is a good because she's going to another schools prom in a few days and they still haven't chipped!! :) Thanks Grace Nails!
Steven W.
I got my nails done lately and I can say the new management is very friendly and way better than before. I recommend trying out this place!
I went recently to get my nails fixed up because it had been a while. I was very please with how clean it was and how good of a job they did!
THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!! Everyone is sooo nice and the service was just wonderful :) I know I'm coming back here soon!!
I went to get my nails done for my birthday with a couple of girl friends and it was amazing service. They had delightful conversation and the interior made me feel happy. I'm so glad I went there and i would reccomend it to everyone out there
UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT! Thank you for visiting our store's corner here on Yelp. We would like to announce that officially as of September 2012, Grace's Nail Salon & Spa is under new management. We thank you for your support so far and we hope to continue having your support into 2013 and beyond. We have read quite a few comments about difficulty of booking appointment with the Groupon special with the previous owner. We sincerely apologized for those inconveniences that you have had. Please be assured that there will be no booking problem when you purchase any Groupon special in the future. We guaranteed that all patrons will get their appointments within a week, if not much sooner within call time. Please stop by this page to leave your comments and reviews so that we can further improve our services for you, our customers because without you, we cannot have a successful business. Your satisfaction is our number one priority and we strive to exceed your expectation. If you have any question or request clarification of any of our services provided and/or Groupon/Living Social questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 703-481-2217. Once again, thank you everyone for your patronage and we look forward to seeing you at our salon!!! Cheers, Management
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